Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Movie Passes!!!!

FREE MOVIE SCREENING TONIGHT! Generation ñ is giving away passes for tonights screening of 21 JUMP STREET with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Print out your passes.... First come first serve.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Live from Baghdad, Iraq. Thank You Veterans. Thank You.

Esta linda musica is from a guy with two tours of Iraq under his belt, here's Staff Sergeant Jeff Ellis doing "The Next Big Thing" y Bruce's "Thunder Road" live from Baghdad last Memorial Day. if you dig it, his facebook is - gracias vets :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rest in Peace to one of the GREATS.

RIP to a great poet. One of the Great American poets, if not the greatest. A real loss.

Well, Pepe did call it.

Escoria Films founder Pepe Billete weighed in with his thoughtful analysis of the game. (This made us laugh so hard we cried).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rihanna- Man Down GreenScreen Fiasco!

Our Brother in ñ-ness Raul de la Cruz is one of the top cameramen/editors/producers in the Miami area (RAH productions) - for a laugh, he and his lady love Luvyanka took a green screen to town - and had some fun with the Rihanna song 'Man Down'. We pick this to go viral - cause it's so bananas - check out Raul's little daughter runnin' along in front of that green screen police car! RAH - you're the man. And Luvyanka, you got skillz!

Do you want to be in a movie alongside TOM CRUISE???

Rock of Ages arrives in Miami this Saturday for an open casting.
Saturday May 14 their will be an open casting.... They need Extras!!! The cast in the movie is beyond stellar.... Tom Cruise, Russel Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Hough and many more.... It's now your turn to not only see the movie, but be in the movie.... They begin filming Rock of Ages in Miami on the 19th.....

So here is the info for the Casting:

Saturday May 14 at the SHERATON Ft. LAUDERDALE
1825 Griffin Road (I-95 and Griffin Road) in the Empire Ballroom.
The Casting will be from 10am until 2pm.... So make sure you are there early!!!
They are looking for people in their 30's and 40s...
You will be portraying an 80s Rockstar... Therefore you should go dressed in character! Don't forget to take a picture of yourself (doesn't need to be professional) with your name, phone etc on the back. Vamos mi gente... Time to be a part of a movie.... time to be a ROCKSTAR!!!

Now for those of you with Vintage cars... They are looking for cars as well.... Great time for your car to be in a movie as well.... Just take a picture of the car to the casting... that's all you have to do.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Miss Smarty Pants is the Bees Knees! An Amazing Tutoring Company gen ñ can get behind

Just click on the pic for more info - if you're looking to improve your child's grades over the summer, Miss Smarty Pants Tutors is the way to go - we're proud of founder Vivian Nuñez Menocal for everything she's done to help kids learn. Go Vivian! You're doing a great job!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rosey Getting Married! CONGRATS from Gen ñ!!

A big Congrats to our favorite Goddess of the Moon, Rosemary Canals now... Rosemary Suarez! Planet Suarez anyone! From all your friends at gen ñ we wish you and your husband Saul all our love - and most heartfelt congrats! May The ñ Be With You!

p.s. - she may be back giving you that moon horoscope sooner than you think - but for now - God bless you guys y Felizidades!

Agustina Woodgate has a poetic surprise in the tag. :)

As for a little further coverage of O, Miami - which has been a wonderful kick all month - check out these photos
of Argentine artist Agustina Woodgate
going undercover and sewing Poetry Tags
into clothes purchased at area thrift stores,