Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RIP - to the great, great Mad Dog, Jim Mandich.

"And Marino proves he's a freak!" - my all time fave Jim "MadDog" Mandich call, 95 shoot-out vs. the Pats , balcony doors open, in my first apt. Game on TV, Jim on the Radio. As 'Strokin' played him out, Jim once said, "In the annals of pop music, you've got the Beatles, you've got Bach, you've got Beethoven... and you've got Clarance Carter"
- I'd stay up to the sports wrap up after the new, just so i could see him bite his lip on the 'Ask the Maddog' segment, that smile like the cat that ate the canary. The way he's say, "Lambeau Field, Pro Footballs Valhalla, Chardonay Sippers, Green Lizards, Never Better Baby, Never Better." That man could make my day, with just the tone of his voice. RIP to a real man, a true original and a great guy. Go on Jim, roll your windows down baby.

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