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Monday, June 22, 2009

Final Frontier My Friends

I got a wonderful email from Ruth Livier (Star/Creator/Co-Writer of Ylse) telling me about a great and grand story that I've never heard on the news anywhere. Which is a shame since these are the kinds of stories we need to be telling. This August there will be Two Latino astronauts going on the space mission, Jose Hernandez - a Mexican National from Michoacan, who studied at UC Santa Barbara and Daniel Olivas - From El Paso, TX. from the US born of Mexican parents. Jose's astronaut bio is here, and Daniel's wiki page is here. Now these, mis amigos are role models. And as Ruth wrote to me, "This is the talent our community develops:))". Amen Ruth.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Juan, meet Matthias

Matthias Heuermann, based in Berlin, cuts the most gorgeous montages of images from films. He puts stuff together in a way that is beautiful, unique and makes you view the original work pretty differently than you may have before. Here he takes the Space Age Bachelor Pad sounds of Juan Esquivel to Outter Space replacing the Kubrick's funny waltz with this even lighter take. It's the cocktail king's version of Blue Danube that makes the future seem truly swank. And if you dug, then check out Heuermann's other clips. My fave is Audrey Hepburn vs Vuca: Corsa Notturna (Dancing Like That)