Monday, July 28, 2008

New Show on ñ!!!!

We'll be rolling out one new show per week for the next few months! Not just new episodes of your favorites but new shows. This is the intro to 45 RPM, our music show, the first episode featuring an in depth interview with the one and only Mr. 305, Pitbull.
Dale! Just click HERE to watch the whole showcito! 45 RPM! That great theme music is by Juan Turros and Alex Ponce, it's called "Go Under"
Check out the Juan Turros 4tet myspace.


elturron said...

Oye macho...or should I say, Machos. Great work on the 45RPM thingy. You guys got talent. When should we expect the next episode? Let's get this site out there ASAP.

El Turron

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Hey Bill,

Let me know if you want me to customize your blogger template to make it look more like the gen ñ web site.

My email is

Oh yeah, it would be free. Just wanna help a brother out.

bill teck said...

Hey Henry---We'd LOVE it brother!
hey... el turron... thanks bro!