Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let Us Now Praise Mad Men

Hi. Hi all. I searched youtube to find the right clip to hip you to the new show Mad Men. Couldn't find one that was representative of how good it is. A lot of our viewers are in media in some form or other. You'll love it. A lot of our viewers are NOT in media (though these days, who isn't?). You'll love it too.

It's the 60s. It's New York, it's the George Lois era. It's the days of Advertising with a capitol A. Smoking cigarrettes in the office and the three martini lunch. Get on it now, get on it early, cause it's going to be hotter than The Sopranos. The new Hot Show. You can download season 1 at iTunes, or watch On Demand. Season 2 just started.


Alex said...

Best show on TV right now. Being an ad man, I'm hooked. Just rewatching all of Season 1 on demand.

Anonymous said...

Three episodes of Season 1.Bored to bits.Slightly impressed with clever art design, costumes, history. But then I figure out that’s all there is, that and 30 jokes on women, their drawbacks and drinking before noon. Entertaining in an encyclopedia sort of way but the drama…Drama was drama-lite. Not much of nor memorable