Monday, February 4, 2008

You Could Travel all around the word and not hear music like this....

You could travel all around the world and not hear a better band than this group of hot players. Tito Puente (timbales)Johnny Pacheco (güiro) Chocolate Armenteros (trompeta)
Papo Vasquez (trombón)Joe Santiago (bajo) Patato Valdéz (congas) Mauricio Smith (flauta).

I lifted this off youtube, where some kind soul posted this to rescue it from some PBS pledge drive oblivion. A little something I know something about. My fave youtube comment? "William Rodriguez is playing piano. He is the founder and principal of the Celia Cruz High School of Music in the Bronx. He is also the best DAD on the planet ....GO DAD." Go to youtube to read the rest. This is as HOT as it gets. Machito deserved this for sure. And Patato moves too good to be true and like a man half his age. What a star.

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AmandaDufau said...

That was excellent. Thank you for posting it!