Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alfredo Triff, Olvido, Tareco

There's no real way i can explain how gorgeous this piece is... a beautiful dream - Alfredo Triff is a way cool art critic - but he's an even better artist himself. His violin playing - his music - the stuff of dreams. I was youtubing for some live vids of him - and i happened upon yet another piece of lovely art - this is the best thing i've seen come out of Miami film since i can't remember when - just fragile and shopisticated and wow... it's from an outfit called Tareco pictures (as a guy who co-owns Alabao films, i get it and i love it) - and whomever they are they have a new fan in me. I watched all their flicks on youtube - check this one out - it's best described by well, by the film makers themselves - i'll post the video, for Triff's song Ovlido, blink in the video and you'll miss him - watch for painter Humberto Calzada as well - doing the acting thing and doing it awesome. Anyway - check this thing out - The Film is below - and below that is their description, hope they don't mind, cut and pasted from youtube -

With currently 29,000 views on tranzit54's channel, this film riff on of Alfredo Triff's song is inspired by 1970s European cinema love-triangle character dramas; it is an evocative flash-fiction imagined from a movie that does not exist. As day turns to night, two women from opposite worlds are drawn into the same orbit-- around a man apart.

Set in diverse, atmospheric locations throughout Miami, starring Rosie Inguanzo, Hannia Guillén, Cuban painter Humberto Calzada and Spanish journalist Javier De Pisón; with art by Carlos de Villasante. "Olvido" is the opening song of the 2007-released album "Boleros Perdidos" by Alfredo Triff, sung by Roberto Poveda and Aymee Nuviola.

Directed by Bill Bilowit
Produced by Grela Orihuela
Tareco Pictures, Miami
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All rights reserved © 2007 Tareco, Inc.

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