Monday, February 22, 2010

The first analog rumba recording out of Miami in over 20 years - Ready?

Spamusica Records latest release is from Rumberos de la 8 an all-star group of percussionists and singers hailing from Cuba and Puerto Rico, and born on the streets of Miami. This debut recording features Boris Monterecy, Sonyalsi Feldman, Tomas Diaz, Mercedes Abal, Lazaro Alfonso, Joxi Caballero, Diosvany Boulet, Yoel del Sol, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jose Elias, J.J. Freire, & Ray Romero Jr. Rumberos de la 8 perform each week with Spam Allstars at their residency in Little Havana, FL at Hoy Como Ayer.

The CD was recorded and mixed by Le Spam at City Of Progress Studio in N. Miami, FL between August 2008 - July 2009.

The artwork is by Charlie Rosario who created distinctive covers for Charlie Palmieri, Tito Puente and other artists on Fania, Coco and other 60’s and 70’s Latin labels.

Rumberos de la 8 feature:

Tomas Diaz (timbales, vocals) and Sonyalsi Feldman (vocals) both hail from Matanzas Cuba, home to some of the strongest afro Cuban drumming traditions and share familial ties to los Muneqitos de Matanzas. Tomas is a current member of Spam Allstars.

Lazaro Alfonso (congas, bata, vocals), La Habana, Cuba. Brother of Jorge “el nino” Alfonso and has played with Irakere, Pacho Alonso and many other Cuban groups.

Yoel del Sol (timbales, congas), La Habana, Cuba. In 1993, he graduated from "The National School of Music" in Havana, Cuba and took lessons from some of the best percussion teachers in the world such as Changuito, Reynaldo Fernandez, Jose Eladio Amat, Roberto Vizcaino, Roberto Consepcion, Isel Rasua and Fernando Pina, just to name a few. Yoel won First Place in PERCUBA, the biggest and most important percussion festival in Havana, Cuba in 1995.

Little Ray Romero jr (congas, chekere), Puerto Rico, son of Little Ray Romero who played percussion with Miguelito Valdez, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto and many others on countless classic recordings.

JJ Freire (congas, chekere), Puerto Rico, Drummer for latin rock group Los Bacilos.

Boris Monterecy (vocals), La Habana, Cuba has played with Grupo Clave y Guaguanco and currently performs with Timbalaye in Miami.

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