Monday, August 3, 2009

The Sotomayor Issue

Sotomayor has been in the news a lot as of late, and it's time for generation ñ to weigh in on it. For us at ñ and without any editorializing, the answer is simple. Given a choice between Ivania and Ivette Sotomayor, we choose... BOTH. Ivania and Ivette both appear in 1999's BRO, out soon on the ñ Indies site - and although Ivette stars in Cuba on my Back on the indies part of the site, Ivania rocked it in the great El Circulo theatre company. So it's sort of a dead heat.

Of Nicaraguan descent, the sisters Sotomayor both star in our newest thing - Scenes from the Bubble: The Sky a wild experiment in storytelling from gen ñ that uses Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube to tell an entire movie worth of story - and it's set against the South Florida Real Estate Bubble.

The Right and Left agree, it's Ivania Sotomayor & Ivette Sotomayor, those ñ muses and causes of inspiration that are making it happen this week with the premiere of Scenes from the Bubble - only on generation ñ.

Just click.

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