Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flea Market Funk

Lalo Shifrin my peeps. Lalo. Flows a lot better than Boris Claudio Schifrin, which I think was his original name. A jewish Argentine, Lalo's jazzy, cymbal-pretty scores brought a lil excitement to my youth. Over at Flea Market Funk DJ Prestige has a sweet appreciation of the man based on the lost funky track Quiet Village. Go there and go now. Thank us later. Prestige's Mixes For Download are bananas as well. Him you can thank right away.

Lalo always brought the noise. Whether in a Disney caper for kids, like The Cat From Outer Space or a cheesy low budget actioner like Escape to Athena, a Robert Redford liberal prison warden yarn (Brubaker) or Jackie Chan's first made in America flick (The Big Brawl). Everybody knows his Mission Impossible them, and Brett Ratner had the good sense to bring him back to center stage for the Rush Hour flicks.

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